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Who We Help

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Retirees moving to florida

Ready for a warmer climate? We can help with the transition when selling and buying at the same time. We work with agents in your state to help make it easier. Click here to learn more!

IT professionals

Relocation Assistance

Are you looking for a new job? Take advantage of Tallahassee’s low unemployment and move here. We can help you find a dream home when starting a new career. Click here now!

Investor and Real Estate Shaking Hands

real estate investors

Looking to expand your investment portfolio? With experience in real estate investing, we help you find and negotiate on the property that will bring you the best ROI. Click here and tell us more!

Why We’re Different

Working With a Single Agency vs Transaction Broker

Expertise and Specialization: Single agencies often have specialized knowledge of specific neighborhoods in Tallahassee, providing valuable insights into local market trends and property values.

Dedicated Advocacy: When using a single agency, you have a dedicated agent who exclusively represents your interests, ensuring your needs and priorities are the top focus throughout the buying/selling process.

Streamlined Communication: Working with a single agency minimizes confusion and miscommunication. Your agent serves as your primary point of contact, streamlining the home-buying/selling process.

Confidentiality: Single agencies maintain the highest level of confidentiality, protecting sensitive information and negotiations from being disclosed to other parties.

Negotiation Strength: With a single agency, your agent has a stronger negotiating position as they have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests, potentially leading to better terms and pricing.

Comprehensive Guidance: A single agency provides comprehensive guidance, from property selection to financing options, inspections, and closing, ensuring a smooth and well-informed home-buying/selling experience.

Reduced Conflicts of Interest: Transaction brokers may represent both buyers and sellers in the same transaction, potentially creating conflicts of interest. Single agencies prioritize your interests exclusively.

Peace of Mind: Knowing you have an agent solely dedicated to your home-buying/selling journey can provide peace of mind and confidence in your real estate decisions in Tallahassee.

Meet Our Agents

Jeff Ragan

Jeff Ragan serves as a broker and real estate instructor in Tallahassee Florida. His goal has always been helping others to realize their dreams by putting them ahead of his own desires.

His passion for working with people to buy or sell real estate is evident in how he helps customers/clients. Sell high and buy low!

As one of the few brokers in town, he often works as a single agent which means saving money for his clients. Ask him why this is better for you.

Furthermore, teaching people how to make lifetime career changes to become a real estate agent is very rewarding to him. Additionally he's a Faculty Member of Florida Realtors serving as a CE instructor. Call/Text Jeff Ragan anytime at 850.273.2520.

Frank Bastos

Frank is transitioning to the exciting world of real estate after a 25-year career as a business owner and prior to that, proudly serving in the U.S. Army for 10 years.

A military veteran and a seasoned businessman, Frank, with his engaging personality, values hard work, honesty and shows tenacity in everything he does.

As your real estate agent, Frank will be an advocate for you. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting, he will work tirelessly to promote your best interests while helping you find the perfect home.

When Frank isn’t helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He enjoys motorcycle riding in the mountains of Georgia and enjoys building and flying remote control airplanes.

Call or text Frank anytime at 850.264.0122 Eu falo Português

Logan Lane

Logan Lane is a lifelong resident of Tallahassee and became a Police Officer at the age of 21. He retired from Law Enforcement in 2017 and has been serving the Tallahassee Community for 25 years. He has also had several business ventures over the past 20 years that have fed his entrepreneurial spirit while being a Police Officer.

His next step of service is in the real estate business where he looks to provide excellent service to his customers.

Logan joined Friendly Real Estate Group because of the common philosophy with his broker. He believes being able to offer single agent attention builds better relationships with the customer and you are working directly for them and ultimately saving them money in the end.

Call/Text Logan Lane anytime at 850-590-6850

Rafael Galan

Rafael Galán, has been a resident of Tallahassee, FL for over 16 years. Originally from New York; Rafi as he is affectionately known, worked 34 plus years in the airline industry and recently retired as a Station Manager for a major airline. His career has been mostly involved in providing exceptional customer service. His passion for customer service has lead him to invitations to speak at FSU Deadman College of Hospitality and Select Specialty Hospital in Tallahassee.

He is an active supporter of The American Cancer Society, Relay for Life program as well as the Down's Syndrome Association of Tallahassee, Buddy Walk. In 2005, he was awarded the Phoenix Award, presented by the Mayor of Atlanta, GA to its citizens for Outstanding Customer Service and Southern Hospitality.

Rafi recently transitioned into Real Estate, where he hopes to continue to provide world class customer service. He is eager to help families achieve their dreams of home ownership and is looking forward to establishing lasting relationships with clients. If you, a family member or a friend are in need of a friendly Realtor, please call or text Rafi at 678.984.4182. Hablo español.

Client Reviews

Jeff helped me through the whole process with everything and my transition from Virginia to Florida went smoothly and it was exactly 30 days after finding the house we liked I was officially a homeowner! I can’t thank Jeff enough. Very honest and trustworthy and easy to work with.

Go Noles! >——-;;;;——-;;;—>

Antonio & Tracy

Jeff did a fantastic job helping us find our dream home in Tallahassee. We moved from Massachusetts and needed a realtor we could trust to find the perfect home for us. We were unable to visit the home in person before purchasing it and Jeff made sure to find a home with everything we were looking for. I highly recommend using Jeff if you are relocating to Tallahassee.

Mike & Stephanie

I highly recommend Jeff Ragan for his outstanding assistance in finding our next home. We met Jeff through his youtube channel and contacted him immediately when we were planning our move to Florida. He was so patient and was very understandable with all of our needs. He helped us find the perfect home in Florida for us and recommended good restaurants and places to go and not to go. He kept us informed throughout the whole process and responded to all of our questions very quickly. Jeff Ragan exceeded all of our expectations! If you need an excellent caring real estate agent don't hesitate to contact Jeff, you won't regret it! Carol & Otto

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